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Heads Up Learning

School support and extra enrichment

for English and French learners.

Heads Up Learning offers academic help for students
in grades 1-9.

Students learn best when given the opportunity to make discoveries, find patterns, and think critically about new ideas; curriculum is built on themes of citizenship, activism, environmentalism, and human-tech relationships.

One-to-one rapport is at the heart of all learning, and classes are written and tailored for your learner with a streamlined vision.

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From A Heads Up Parent

“That Laura turns the subject into something engaging and fun speaks to her commitment in working with how our son learns. It’s been a massive relief to have Laura working with him during this unconventional learning period. She’s really been able to get him to believe in his abilities.”

-Abby, Hudson Valley, NY

From A Heads Up Parent

“Zoom schooling during the pandemic has been extremely challenging for our 2nd grader. Laura has been a godsend. Our child is eager to log in to learn with Laura and comments that time flies when she is learning with Laura. We have been working with Laura for the past two months, and our child went from knowing zero French to conjugating verbs and singing songs in French. Laura is patient, warm, and kind and challenges our child’s natural curiosity. Our child says she’d like to continue learning with Laura even after her school reopens.”

-Suhi, Oakland, CA

Teacher and Founder

Heads Up Learning was founded by Laura Head, a Columbia grad and ten-time nominee for NYC’s Big Apple Best Teacher Award.

As a teacher in public schools, Laura was the New York liaison for an international partnership with the Parisian Mayor’s office for student-centered bicultural connection. She designed and gave lectures on original tools for culturally-relevant learning. She wrote bilingual literacy-based curriculum for her Francophone and Anglophone students. She directed development for social justice literature and virtual reality technology in elementary classrooms.

Laura holds three New York teaching certifications (special ed, french bilingual ed, general ed), a masters in education policy, and a bachelor’s in inclusive education. 

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English Literacy

English language reading and writing lessons for students in grades 3-6.

French Literacy

French language reading and writing lessons for students in grades 3-6.

Academic Support

Additional time and resources to support your learner’s school curriculum and homework.

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