French literacy

French Literacy

Heads Up Learning offers two kinds of French Literacy classes. In small group settings, these lessons are tailored to the unique needs of each group, and scaffold peer collaboration. One-on-one, the same lessons are further differentiated to provide learning that matches your learner’s pace. French Literacy units of study focus on French culture and history across thematic units.

French Literacy classes for Francophones follow grade-level literacy standards while focusing on Heads Up curricular units of citizenship, environmentalism, community activism, and human-tech relationships. Francophone students hone their reading, writing, and speaking skills and gain new academic insights across thematic content.

French Language classes for Anglophones are written to meet the needs of early, intermediate, and advanced language learners. Every student comes at a different stage of his or her language acquisition. Through the study of the same thematic content, all language learners are given the tools they need to read, write, and converse thoughtfully in their second language.

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Laura is an amazing educator! She is knowledgeable, skilled, sweet, and patient. But beyond that, she has a deep understanding of how children think and feel, and is able to work with them in encouraging ways and troubleshoot when needed. I have never met such a sensitive, thoughtful and resourceful tutor. We only hope she’ll still be available if we need her again. 

-Erika, Manhattan