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We believe that literacy is the key to connecting new ideas and enabling change. We also believe that all students deserve high quality and easily-accessible literacy instruction in order to find their voices.

Heads Up Learning was designed in response to a trend Laura was seeing as an educator – that far too many students go through school without feeling inspired or empowered to make change with everything they’ve learned. So Laura wrote curriculum on culturally-relevant topics, and paired it with student-centered pedogogies, so that her learners can gain insights into today’s world while developing critical-thinking skills and strong methods of inquiry to become independent thinkers.

Reading is the first step to exploring new and challenging ideas, and writing articulately is the first step to sharing our thoughts on our changing world. Literacy isn’t just knowing how to read and write – It’s a gateway to meaningful conversations, connecting complex ideas, and collaborating towards change.

After living in France, Laura designed instruction in the bilingual classroom, teaching French to English-speaking students, and English to French students. Speaking another language means a bigger world within which we can connect and contribute to change.

Academic support provided by Heads Up is designed to give students the same tools as literacy learning, but applied to all areas of study for success in a school setting.

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